Tuesday, November 26, 2013

'Opportunity and Employability' the weight hanging on Dzongkha to rise...?

Even in rural Dzongkha literate areas,
Sign boards are meant for only English literates..!
Dzongkha as a national language of Bhutan has been a topic of discussion concerning its development. But remained suppressed under English and was not able to rise to the level of English.

We saw arguments and discussions from many angles but for me the reason why Dzongkha cannot pick up its use even with a tag of national language is quite curious. No one had convincing argument but this elder man (Memey) from a remote part of Bhutan was a convincing one for me.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Chinese heater through India to Bhutan? What does it mean?

Why should Bhutan pay for India to import Chinese goods when it is costing so much for Bhutan and its people.

A Chinese product in Bhutan means a
donation to Indian Economy from Bhutan..
This is an electric heater (in the picture) brought from Dolma Enterprise, but one can find such electric heater in allmost all of the shops that sell electric heaters in Thimphu.

As you see, it is a Chinese product but our Bhutanese enterprenuers did not import directly from China. They have bought from Indian dealers and I am sure this would mean Indian rupee out flow.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Talking Women's Right.....!

While I agree there should not be discrimination among the gender and to empower the women at per with men. Sometime the issue is taken too far.

Women's in Bhutan took plying khuru (traditional game played by men in Bhutan), which by tradition is never a women's game. They say it is to bring women at per with men. Does that mean women shall wear gho? Or should all women become men?

 Traditional practices every where are gender discriminatory by nature. In Bhutan women wear Kera (female dress), and men gho(man's dress), while such is same in other countries too. Women in india wear sari, men doti, and if you check big shopping centers, we have men and women corners to choose from.

The empowering women in Bhutan has now become a sort of a campaign to convert women to men. I read women empowerment very differently.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The latest Snow... a hope for its return....!

But lets us also not give ourselves to the business of pollution to let this joy return!

The morning chirping of the birds are missing, instead the cheerful sounds of playing kids early in the morning has replaced in the other wise silent and calm neighborhood.

It was a wonder this early morning that it drove me to peep through the window thinking I may have over slept or miss read my time on the clock.

As I looked through my window from between the slight open of the curtain, the earth around is covered, to the delight of a longing mind for such a joy, it was a merrily moment to see the blanket of thick and white all around.

It was snowing and unusually it has settled so thick after so many years of unsatisfactory snow in Thimphu and around.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Choosing the best is crucial to ensure the best...!

Why Primary round is crucial in the forth coming election for Bhutan?

This is because, it is from where we as citizen chose the best of the five parties to take up the business of national affairs.

If we want a strong opposition and a strong government at the Gyalyong Tshogkhang, I would advise that we be mindful and participate as much as we can in the primary round of election to chose two of the strong parties for the general election.

I think, BBS should reconsider their decision not to give air time to the party candidates, because to make a good decision for the voters to vote at the primary round, knowing the candidates of the parties is crucial.