Monday, March 11, 2013

Talking Women's Right.....!

While I agree there should not be discrimination among the gender and to empower the women at per with men. Sometime the issue is taken too far.

Women's in Bhutan took plying khuru (traditional game played by men in Bhutan), which by tradition is never a women's game. They say it is to bring women at per with men. Does that mean women shall wear gho?

 Traditional practices every where are gender discriminatory by nature. In Bhutan women wear Kera (female dress), and men gho(man's dress), while such is same in other countries too. Women in india wear sari, men doti, even in modern practices, the dressing fashions are always different from women's that one can always make a difference.

Do we really need to talk about traditional practices as need to be gender equal? To me simply providing the freedom of their own right can do the job.