Thursday, May 31, 2012

RTI: can't it be for the rural benefit?

RTI would definitely help the rural peoples but if only such provisions are put in place in the act. For instance to take up on one example. There are as as many rural individuals and households whose private lands had to be surrendered for developmental works mostly for road construction, school extension/new construction and hospital and Basic Health Unit (BHU) constructions. But they are still awaiting for the replacement, some are as old as more then a decade, yet unresolved even today.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Traditional conservation can it be for economic boom..?

Loss of traditional structures an economic disaster in making, Dont you think so?

The Rupee crunch in shooting, I think is because of the adaption of modern culture into our housing and construction boom, mainly the housing to be precise.
 If this is not all the one, I believe it is the one of the main cause.
How many aspects of imports does it accompany, the labour import and the materials of different kind that contributes to unemployment and slashing the local products and local traditional structures.

Had we been in our own nation sticked to our own traditional ways but with revolution ofcourse, it would not have been such a economic disaster in making.