Monday, January 28, 2013

Choosing the best is crucial to ensure the best...!

Why Primary round is crucial in the forth coming election for Bhutan?

This is because, it is from where we as citizen chose the best of the five parties to take up the business of national affairs.

If we want a strong opposition and a strong government at the Gyalyong Tshogkhang, I would advise that we be mindful and participate as much as we can in the primary round of election to chose two of the strong parties for the general election.

I think, BBS should reconsider their decision not to give air time to the party candidates, because to make a good decision for the voters to vote at the primary round, knowing the candidates of the parties are crucial.

After primary elections, giving air time to the candidates would less make any difference, because either ways, strong or weak one is going to be in opposition while one is set to form the government, that it is late to play the part.

If we do not know the candidates, we can not understand the capacity and the capability of the parties where the public will then resort to blind voting which will be a cost to the country.

If we can vote two most capable parties for the general elections, we can then relax, because who ever forms the government or the opposition, it is already assured that the parties are competent to take their own roles and responsibilities.

If we don't make sure that the two of the strongest parties are voted for the general elections, or if we compromise to vote at the primary elections for our own convenience, we might lose as a citizen of the country to vote the best team for the parliament which will then be a burden to the nation.

For this, to know which party has the competency, knowing the team and their people is crucial for the voters and it is here where the media can play the part.

For me, primary round is more important then the general round of election, because if we are able to sent two most competent parties for the general election, I would not regret even if I can not vote for my fav candidate in general election, because both has the competency and either of the parties can be a government and opposition.

Therefore, primary round of election is more crucial then the general election, I believe and it is advisable to know the candidates of the parties to understand the competency of the parties so that we do not make mistake at the beginning where it is most crucial.  

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  1. This is true.I hope our people know and Politicization is therefore important. People must by now also know that the individual mustn’t decide the candidate, but, rather it is the responsibility of people coming together and deciding on their representative. Democracy is sometimes described as communities of people coming together, and it imagines many voices pouring into a unified whole. Democracy should permeate the world beyond politics, making itself felt in the ways people think, speak, work, fight, and even make forte. No nepotism, no relations, no bribery, nothing, but selecting through collective decision would have a good leader. Because it’s for the greater goodness and well being of the whole, not an individual.