Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Radical ability of GNH......:)

It was not so easy to be within the intellects and academicians discussing most abstract subject as the Gross National Hapiness.

One may lose the logical sense at times when they discuss and argue on psychological aspect of the GNH.

One may even fail to describe your own state of mind at that moment, if you think how so complex the subject is as they offer you different definition of happiness.

Trying to understand GNH throws one into the mess of complications, taking away your happiness as you try to figure out the aspects of GNH.....lolz 

Friday, October 26, 2012

That natural bliss at my Kinder age I miss....!

The Shrunken ice, vivid change.... 

It was a great county side, a village where I grew up. 
Sumthrang village of Bumthang Ura in Bhutan is located just at the foot of a cliff at its north. 

To walk up to its top, one takes about an hour but it is just over half an hour to walk down from the cliff back to the village.

Huge pile of that cliff adorns the tiny village with its magnificent beauty of flowering bushes around and a gush of flowing stream cutting the cliff in to two halves. 

Monday, October 8, 2012


Glister of sun rays dwelling on to the fading autumn earth. Peoples are at their usual routine and everything is alright.

Cars running up and down for one or other reasons and every kitchen in the house holds with their gas stoves burning busy, preparing the morning breakfast.

Things are all running normal, but nobody is aware of what is happening? No body was at realization that we are officially an independent country but by status totally dependent.