Tuesday, November 26, 2013

'Opportunity and Employability' the weight hanging on Dzongkha to rise...?

Even in rural Dzongkha literate areas,
Sign boards are meant for only English literates..!
Dzongkha as a national language of Bhutan has been a topic of discussion concerning its development. But remained suppressed under English and was not able to rise to the level of English.

We saw arguments and discussions from many angles but for me the reason why Dzongkha cannot pick up its use even with a tag of national language is quite curious. No one had convincing argument but this elder man (Memey) from a remote part of Bhutan was a convincing one for me.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Chinese heater through India to Bhutan? What does it mean?

Why should Bhutan pay for India to import Chinese goods when it is costing so much for Bhutan and its people.

A Chinese product in Bhutan means a
donation to Indian Economy from Bhutan..
This is an electric heater (in the picture) brought from Dolma Enterprise, but one can find such electric heater in allmost all of the shops that sell electric heaters in Thimphu.

As you see, it is a Chinese product but our Bhutanese enterprenuers did not import directly from China. They have bought from Indian dealers and I am sure this would mean Indian rupee out flow.