Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Democracy and the leaders, what can go wrong when power is vested blindly...

The already bad english with many messes in few lines can tell
how much the writer was mentally disturbed at that moment.
How much do we count on democracy? As much as we may expect, I fear so much of abuses. Do we make an effort to elect a leader and end up being targeted? Or do we make so much of effort in the name of tsawa-sum by voting a government to hand over the power without leadership?

People may wonder why this is held without posting until now and why only today? Well obviously I was worried at the beginning and now I realize the political trick that has made me worry, and so I worry no more. 

Besides, I take the chance to post this story also having gained confidence from honorable PM’s facebook (31/01/2017) post that called to expose any corrupt practices. I would also like to remind the readers that this story does not at all imply the current government, which I am always proud of although it is a story of an action of a member of the government in his own personal capacity.

This is my testimonial experience of the democracy in power, a strong case that put me in a dilemma whether to respect democracy or avoid. This is a small story how there is so many in the democracy we think is the best solution. Politics I never thought would go this far to use the deceptive word such as "Gongma,"  meaning superior, to frighten and suppress individuals on behalf of their voters in believe of divisive politics as their way to orange scarf (Minister's scarf).