Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ped-day a political hot cake.. It still continues to be..!

At the end, we the public are in the field of political game like a ball, played among the players of politicians..... !

Pedestrians day runs in the minds of many like a hot cake, while many criticized and many supported, there is this divisive opinion.

On the other hand in the wake of political activity with next parliamentary election knocking the door, it is also indeed secretly becoming the weapon of wooing votes.

I believe some politicians have even approached the NEC seeking views on the Ped-day while openly saying that they are developing a campaign strategy against the ped-day move... wow!

It's again a hot cake for the existing and in-formation political parties that if not all, one of the opponent political parties would indeed use the Ped-day against the Government. For there have been lots of hue and cry after the ped-day; criticizing, alleging and condemning such a move without public consultation. The point is many are effected.

Such opponent parties would use as many strategies as they can yet government as one may smell such strategies, would also have its own strategic arguments too.

Sacrificing political benefit for the general cause is main argument that the ruling party is trying hard that may please the public, but with tough opposing arguments form the opponent parties, public would be the judge rolling their eyes from left to right.

But in wake of all such political fight, what general public would want is a true benevolent argument with suggestions from those who criticize and a true initiative backed with reasons and result from the one who initiated.

The critics have criticized the government and still continues to be, but there is no critics suggesting a good alternative.

Government on other hand has so far failed to report to the public the result of the initiative. Did it really achieve the ultimate goal or is it just being there in the name of noble initiative.

Any good alternative suggestions seems to be hidden in the political game, reserving to implement only if the one holding that alternate idea is in the position of ruling. If this is so, many such suggestions and ideas benefiting the country seems to be remaining selfishly reserved.

At the same time is the government not taking any initiative to produce satisfactory report of the Ped-day to keep the opposite political groups in gimmicking about the Ped-day, so that to gain some political strategy against their opponents. If so yet again such a government would then be doing nothing but only in political benefit.

The Ped-day is just an example, in general we Bhutanese as a unique small country can not be a battlefield for political matters but should rather use the political system as a plate form to prove capabilities to uplift the country.

We as a people for the country, would not want selfish political bullshits, who look for political gain but patriotic who considers benefit to the country from personal and political sacrifices.

But the question is, who is really a patriotic while every one would claim to be so? The Ped-day although moved from every tuesday to every first Sunday of the month to be only once a month, still attracts political attention. If one sees tweets of as many anonymous political supporters, it is still a political tool. 

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