Saturday, February 16, 2013

The latest Snow... a hope for its return....!

But lets us also not give our selves to the business of pollution to let this joy return!

The morning cheeping of the birds are missing, instead the cheerful sounds of playing kids early morning has replaced, other wise silent and calm.

It was a wonder this early morning that it drove me to peep through the window thinking I was late to wake.

As I looked through my window from between the slight open of the curtain, the earth around is covered, to the delight of a longing mind for such a joy, it was a merrily moment to see the blanket of thick and white all around.

It was snowing and unusually it has settled so thick after so many years of unsatisfactory snow in Thimphu and around.

not withstanding the excitement, I took my self out of the bed, buckled my shoe carrying a tiny camera I had and walked around my home to take some quick snaps of excitement, joy and celebrations that I heard around.

Kids and adults playing snow ball and people making snow man. Excitement have even drove some one out in slippers forgetting the cold. For me I forgot the worry and disturbance I had from the accident I had last night.

Is it, the snow returning finally. Are we going to see this thick blanket the following winters unlike former years that had just a minute's white wash.

Thimphu house holds with white blankets over the roof
This winter had brought a hope particularly in me for by gone child hood days that remember playing in thick snow and hiking in the near by forest in snow in hope of finding starving wild boars that would have died in the snow.
The thickness measured my four fingers. Such a thickness that we never saw in so many years. Can we do it further more to reduce carbon emission so that we can receive this joy of winter return every year.

sparrows maintain silence.....!
Can we pollute less and cut more that pollutes so that this joy is reinstated firm to assure ourselves that our natural health is recovered from invasions of destructive economic activities of pollutions.

It was like a spring hope, that this thick snow had brought for us. Lets hope we see this joy, feel the excitement every year henceforth. Lets wish ourselves good luck and enjoy the brightness of the snow flakes.

Because, the snow wipes boundaries and none is stranger if it is with snow.

One can hit any one with a snow ball, an admirer can take an opportunity to show to whom they love. It is so wonderful like a festival for snow to happen.

But lets also give it this joy but not let ourselves indulge into business of pollutions. Mind that..!


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