Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Picking up from the poor.....!

Is there such a system called cost and benefit sharing in our country? If yes then in what ways? 

The recent move of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest on the people of Sakteng to cover their CGI sheets by wooden shingles is as opposed a wavering decision making the rural people hard to understand.

This actually is not a new concept, as one can see the chokhor toe villages with shingles on their roof with CGI sheet below if one has been there.

It was one for the good of environmental protection and one for tourist attraction the government claims but who is sharing the cost of rural hardship for that idea. The hurdles are bored by the people of rural, when the ultimate benefit is shared by the government and the tour operators in Thimphu.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

GNH: My perspective.....!

GNH is on the way, although is yet to reach there....
I have just realized that our country is not a GNH country. But a country aspiring for GNH and that who promotes GNH to be the vision of our world.

Is Bhutan a GNH country? Are all Bhutanese happy? if these are the questions to qualify a country to be called GNH country. GNH is just born, a visionary birth has happened but it is yet to realize.

This would rely on individuals living in Bhutan, the individuals leading the country and its developmental progress.

Only if at lest most of the people of this country is satisfied and happy then can it be called GNH country. There fore Bhutan is not a GNH country but a GNH aspiring country.