Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Smartphone Buying Guide

From big, chunky cellphones to ultra-chic mini computers that will not only let you make and receive calls but take photos and videos as well, surf the web, play games and music, manage your schedule and emails, and many other functions you may not believe possible - the mobile phone industry has indeed made some great progress throughout the years.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Open Complain

Calling upon media and other authorities for a serious look into this  issue in deep....

Why was this drain, what was the reason?
Did it in any way harm anyone to do this? 

It was a great news and a welcoming one as I read this story ‘Preserving social, spiritual and agricultural landscape,” in a kuensel issue this week. 

But what is a reality in Ura under the very watchful eyes of Thrumsingla park manager is something different.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Is entry to Goenkhag, gender bias?

I was watching the BBS Dzongkha programme known asLegshed-Lamzang where Venerable Khenpo Tandin Sithup was speaking to a folk of youths.

If you have watched and listened to the programme, a big question has been answered where many think a tradition where females are restricted the entry in Goenkhangs- the room reserved as the place for deities is gender bias.

He was speaking about the four immeasurable, 1. The immeasurable love and kindness, 2. Immeasurable compassion, 3.immeasurable joy and 4. immeasurable equanimity, to the young youths.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Women's day: A gender discriminatory effort for gender equality..!

I am not very sure if I should call it a happy ‘Women’s day’ or not. It should be happy women’s day to celebrate as women’s day but to celebrate as a day to promote women’s right I wonder if it is a happy day but I do wish the the day a success in its endeavour.
I wonder if the very day’s objective can be met, when talking women’s right itself is gender bias. How can you promote vegetarian when you eat meat yourself and how can it promote gender equalisation when itself is gender bias in its nature?
We know there are some gaps where women's rights are concerned, but what I am saying here is that promoting gender biased activity such as this can not be a solution to women's issues. 
It would rather be creating more gender tensions. Talking women's right is gender bias in itself, so the alternative I am talking about is promoting gender equality through human's right. Women's right can be even educated best by talking human rights than by talking women's right. 
Therefore on this very occasion in support of ‘gender right’ and ‘the women’s right’ I call up on all those who feel for women's right to promote Human's right so to achieve the very objective of women's right. I call up on the humans of this world on this very day to 'Up hold human’s right to avoid gender discrimination. Discriminating women from men will do no good in this case. 
We can not ask people not to discriminate on gender basis while you promote activism based on gender biased nature.
On this very day of international day for women’s right, I felt what if this day is observed as ‘International day of equal right for all gender’ or some thing sort of,  rather than as a day for women's right, discriminating all other gender. What? Do we even care about the rights of bisexual genders? 
I do respect to women, men and any other gender that exist on earth. Therefore shouldn’t we commit to up hold human's right to avoid gender discrimination. Should we go on saying and demanding women’s right, then we are discriminating any other gender except women. 
Can we afford discriminating gender, if we do, than we do not uphold and respect the very human rights. Only by promoting equal rights for equal human can we promote gender equalisation and solve the gender issues. But do we know by promoting rights of one gender against another would not be a solution to bringing equality in gender.
I do regret that this very day is gender discriminatory in itself to see it as a solution to gender issue. Promoting gender based right is rather creating issues than being a solution. The human's right takes care of all kind of gender issues. If we could stick to promoting Human's right instead of gender based right can it be a solution to all kind of gender issues. Gender based issues around the globe is the creation of problems by this very activity of 'Women's right'. If we carefully look, talking women's right itself is gender bias......

A conversation on Women's day:

My frn: Treat your wife with nice meal because it's women's day.
Me: I dnt believe in women's right, but human right. No extra treatment to discriminate when it is meant not to discriminate.
My frn: Just something extra for your wife
Me: My wife enjoys her right as much as I, so we dont have discrimination at all. Therefore I am not discriminating her even today..
Love your wife, love all women, men and any human even animals. Avoid discrimination.

Views I shared on twitter:
"A woman celebrating women's day means she is discriminating herself on this very day to uphold herself equal to all genders..."
"Any one who wishes a happy women's day to a women on this day means discriminating their women at this very day meant not to discriminate any woman,"