Monday, March 11, 2013

Talking Women's Right.....!

While I agree there should not be discrimination among the gender and to empower the women at per with men. Sometime the issue is taken too far.

Women's in Bhutan took plying khuru (traditional game played by men in Bhutan), which by tradition is never a women's game. They say it is to bring women at per with men. Does that mean women shall wear gho?

 Traditional practices every where are gender discriminatory by nature. In Bhutan women wear Kera (female dress), and men gho(man's dress), while such is same in other countries too. Women in india wear sari, men doti, even in modern practices, the dressing fashions are always different from women's that one can always make a difference.

Do we really need to talk about traditional practices as need to be gender equal? To me simply providing the freedom of their own right can do the job. 

Because in the name of empowering women, what not are demanded? For instance a women who does not want to play khuru is urged to play khuru in the name of gender equalization. Here the very purpose is undermined that her right to her own choice is taken away. What she don't want is imposed.

For instance, a women who is so good to her husband is changed. It was her will and her choice to be good to her husband but in the name of gender equalization she is asked not to do any house hold chores unless her husband does it too. 

That was never her choice but she was imposed the idea and now that man and the woman faces lots of problem to understand each other? What did this do to the society this way?

Human right I thought covers all issues irrespective of gender. But now an issue of women's right is voiced and in all ways to me I found it contradictory to the principles of humans right. 

Because, a women's right is taken away, a women is urged to do what she did not want to do. A good women is made worse, a fairy bright women is made a evil deadly women where distance between man and women is created with out even a need through this terms of women's right.

Do we need to encourage women to take up anything that a man does to empower women? I thought providing equal education, opportunity and providing equal platform for participation etc is the means of empowering women.

Here some talk about women quota? To me this quota itself is discriminatory. It means women can not compete with men at an equal platform and opportunity provided. While women's right should be fighting for equal opportunity, and equal platform, I find that it is abused to take chances for consideration.

Human right for man is man's right and for women obviously women's right why did we need to come up with this so called women's right? Is there a man bashing his wife, man can be charged for the violation of human right.

Enjoying the freedom of expression, personal choice, individual right and equal opportunity I thought is just for any one's right.

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  1. I second you Mr. Samten. Liked the way you put forward issues. As far as i am concerned, talking about women's right will perhaps bring lots of questions to their rights. If we are trying to equalize men and women, it is better we do not talk about women anymore. The more we talk, the more deprived they feel and thus pops out as a societal problem... It is always better, in some instances to keep quiet and let the nature play its role....thats what i feel.