Friday, November 18, 2016

From Sumthrang to Bemji (Bonbi), Trakhar & Ugyenchoeling, a Genealogical Journey

  Sumthrang, I have now known that it has spread its kinship into many other religious nobilities in Bhutan. Every time I am in conversation with my father, any one we talked about as we engage into genealogical history, it ends up being one or the another our ‘Ngew’ or the relative.

Of many families that have a kinship relation to sumthrang, Bemji and Ugyenchoeling are among those families and Trakhar often comes up in relation to the family line of Terton Pama Lingpa. I heard of the relation we share several years ago but I never understood how?  I did not know much of Bonbi Chojey but I knew this much that it may have its own history of origin different to Sumthrang and Ugyen Choling we know is the decedents of Terton Dorji Lingpa. The question was then, how did these families inter-relate?

Monday, November 14, 2016

Here comes the Sun

Nyilo the Solstices: Some parts of Bhutan will celebrate winter solstice (guen nyilo) today, to mark Nyilo, the return of the sun.
Nyilo, according to the Bhutanese lunar calendar based on Buddhist astrology, is the first day of winter and the shortest day, after which the days start getting longer until the summer solstice.
“It’s celebrated as New Year, since this is the day when a new season begins,” lecturer for astrology with the Institute of Language and Culture Studies in Taktse, Trongsa, lopen Samten, said.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Democracy: Nation secondary to number?

Is democracy all about ignoring the reality and going by Number? Where will we reach if we just rode on number?

Democracy could have been a mode to reach a position to create a better country and serve a nation so that people can leave a legacy of their own.

But what do we see across the world and what do we experience in our own countries. It is really a democracy by the "people for the people."

I would rather think that there needs to be done something to make it by the people for the people, so that it is never by the number for the people or by the people for the person.

Democracy  in my silly sense is found to be analogous to having said to be a monkey among monkeys and thieves among the thieves.

Because it is all about the number rather than rational reality and wholesome intend. One may not have a choice but to vote alongside the thieves in a constituency of thieves and be one of them in a democracy. Even if you vote the other way, one has to live by their rules under its domination. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Smartphone Buying Guide

From big, chunky cellphones to ultra-chic mini computers that will not only let you make and receive calls but take photos and videos as well, surf the web, play games and music, manage your schedule and emails, and many other functions you may not believe possible - the mobile phone industry has indeed made some great progress throughout the years.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Open Complain

Calling upon media and other authorities for a serious look into this  issue in deep....

Why was this drain, what was the reason?
Did it in any way harm any one to do this? 

It was a great news and a welcoming one as I read this story ‘Preserving social, spiritual and agricultural landscape,” in a kuensel issue this week. 

But what is reality in Ura under the very watchful eyes of Thrumsingla park manager is something different.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

It is not the way you think, it is not the way of Buddhism

Gender discrimination if not Buddhism
When the Buddhist philosophers at some point describes male as the superior by birth and female as inferior, in current mindset it is wrongly taken in the lines of gender discrimination. 

I would like to argue that this does not at all relate to any thing near to the issue of gender discrimination. Buddhism is based on equal rights for all sentient beings. It does not discriminate. If it does, it distinguishes all that exist into four noble truths, so that it is clearer for any one who wishes a proper choice.   

It is therefore, when it talks about difference of birth hierarchy, it is a comparison of the doors of suffering that distinguishes which gender by birth is more susceptible to suffering.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Is entry to Goenkhag, gender bias?

I was watching the BBS Dzongkha programme known asLegshed-Lamzang where Venerable Khenpo Tandin Sithup was speaking to a folk of youths.

If you have watched and listened to the programme, a big question has been answered where many think a tradition where females are restricted the entry in Goenkhangs- the room reserved as the place for deities is gender bias.

He was speaking about the four immeasurable, 1. The immeasurable love and kindness, 2. Immeasurable compassion, 3.immeasurable joy and 4. immeasurable equanimity, to the young youths.