Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On Demand: A RESULT of the pedestrian's day

This result of an assessment on the pedestrian's day would be the certificate of Bhutan's Leadership in environmental protection, But if only proven with positive impact of the day beyond just a drop in fuel consumption.
Curtsy: Bhutan News Service
So many Tuesdays passed after the government declared it as the pedestrians day. A decision bold enough and a sign of trying means to commit towards environmental conservation. Good enough.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Who is really paying for wild life conservation?

Actually the poor farmers are paying for wild life conservation and is voiced by other national and international agencies...............

curtsy: Climate Himalaya

While the human wild life conflict is seen as natural phenomenon for all living being having to live one universe, it is more often fought between the wild animals and the villagers who cherish their domestic animals to whom they depend their livelihoods.

If there is no national and international conservation policies to protect the wild species, the winners will be the villagers who can hunt down or can be poisoned the wild animals to death.

But these poor farmers living in villages by the forest sides are adhering to the policies that does not favor much to their interest, while some they adhere since it was imposed as a law on them to follow although it hardens their livelihoods.