Thursday, June 21, 2012

The words I hate....!

The distrust and disrespect is the problem that keeps world away from the constant peace, but often with disruption.

Regionalism was the principle cause for distrust and disrespect, while fueling pride and ego. Why would this not be in the global world, but this can be seen even in a tiny country like Bhutan.

But being small has an advantage that it did not much become a problem while things are taken into granted.

Yet, deep inside is a problem, if we don't like some one to call some thing that way, no others would love too.

The problem might not have been spoken but would have hurt some one deep inside that would gradually turn into a hatred.

Ngalop, for the people of Western Bhutan, Sharchop, for the eastern people and most heart bitting is this word, JAGA for the Lhotsam peoples. Actually JAGA means the people of JAGAR, and JAGAR is the Dzongkha and Tibetan name for India. Which is not appropriate for a Bhutanese. I never call and I feel pitty when I see some people call our fellow citizens with that name. The word in my view is racially divisive.

Why do we have to say nganglop, a man from paro can be called parop, Haap, or Bumthap, Tashigangpa. Why can't we rephrase and say, he was from Samtse rather than saying a Lhotsampa imbay. These terms Nganglop, Sharchop, Jaga, Lhotsampa are in my view incorrect for a country that love peace and unity.

Another sad word our people insanely call is Napali. A Nepali is the citizen of Nepal, a Bhutanese citizen living in Lhotsam is a Bhutanese and not a Nepali unless he/she claims itself a Nepali. Why would we want to divide if united is a the best way of living and UNITY is must in this degenerating world when the world is facing problems.

As far as some one is not a worse man, even a criminal is a good man. If one is never a good man, even being a son of noble family would make no sense. A criminal prince is a criminal and not a noble while a generous sweeper is a noble man indeed. So how do we jude who is noble and who is not!


  1. Its truly heart aching to see this kind of disparity eventhough we all falls under the one human species.
    and i have literally experienced such situations.

  2. i know, sometimes it happens as joke, and in many ways it happens in ways that has an excuse from being serious... but deep inside people are getting hurt.... we need to make some attitude change here.... looking down and assuming great is one big problem in Bhutan.....