Thursday, May 31, 2012

RTI: can't it be for the rural benefit?

RTI would definitely help the rural peoples but if only such provisions are put in place in the act. For instance to take up on one example. There are as as many rural individuals and households whose private lands had to be surrendered for developmental works mostly for road construction, school extension/new construction and hospital and Basic Health Unit (BHU) constructions. But they are still awaiting for the replacement, some are as old as more then a decade, yet unresolved even today.

Why is so long delayed for their right? Right that it was their private property taken by government and does that mean government authorities do not like resolving like they would have done if it was one of their own's?

The information to such cases and what the authorities are doing and why was that delayed is denied. There is no information and concrete information as and who the concerned authorities are resolving the issues. The only thing that dzongkhag officials do is visit the places often for discussion but without solution which is by all means an advantage for them because it is an income of DSA which helps them keep their family alive without having to put their hand on the monthly salary. Am I wrong? Check the accounts of the dzongkhag officials and most of them ahve high DSA claims?

The RTI would I think not only ease flow of public informations but speed up the issues that are stuck to stand still frlm the lack of proper flow of information right to information. Ask those people who are awaiting the land substitution and compensations for their private lands taken by the government, most of them would say we don't know what the dzongkhag is doing. But a good observer would say they are making tours.... lolz.

But with RTI act a legal suit can be filed against the authorities and also the act would guide with clear directions as on how to persuade your right. For instance I being from Butmthang, I know some cases that are almost a decade old now yet unresolved. In one case a land was taken by the government almost in a forceful manner without the consent of the land owner and yet he does not gets the land substitution and the crop compensation for not having allowed to cultivate for a decade since the land was taken for the school.

These owners of lands are still hoping but nothing is happening. And beside the awful thing here is that the authorities or as they say by law denies to replace the land equivalent to the worth of the land taken and recommends to find from some where around the hill sides.

The year 2012 is already nearing end. Who is going to provide them the clear information on what s going to happen to the land they have surrendered. Some wanted a land that would value the as same as the land they had to surrender and the government or the officials handling are not willing to replace with what the owners demand. When is this going to end. May be with an RTI act. I suppose.

I am sorry if I am being so ridiculous and out of context here.... but it is just an individual thought. 

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