Sunday, July 8, 2012

Heat waves in America: Who is responsible?

Curtsy: NOAA
News of flood in Russia, and heat wave in America is so painful, bitter and worrying it should be for the world and its leaders.

It is the natural warning of what we are doing to it.

I am sorry for the people of the countries but I also think that it is an indication that a government shall not only commit economic development but future sustainability of wealth with pristine environment for a better climatic conditions.

I might be so rude to say that such climatic conditions shall occur more frequently for those big countries who do not commit and do much for environmental protection and carbon reduction. Because this might at least be the better reason for such countries to give a second thought for a revisit in their developmental polices.

Bhutan's Himalayan glacier have been proven to be melting and glacier lake out burst is the serious concern of environmental disaster in this small kingdom, but it shall not only be Bhutan, all those countries at the foot hills.

It is because of the global warming, and who is emitting the most of the carbon gases that causes the global warming? I hope you know. The economic powers and giants that does not bother environmental concerns as much as they bother their economic crisis.

Economic crisis might be giving you a blow that empties slows down your wealth but environmental crisis would be a world disaster that would have the power to end the lives at one go.

Heat wave is even killing peoples in such a developed country like America. Government notifies its people to be careful but it government notified to be more careful. It may not be because government is the people holding the seats at a office in the government and those people would rather feel more safe with luxurious apartments equipped with all kind of safety measures.

But, there are natural forces if yo don't take their notifications serious that can penetrate even the best safety measures put in.

Or may be people suffering from all such calamities shall make their government responsible because it is their policies that had this disasters. But no american so far nor chines, not Rusians, and not even the britisher has took up to the streets to protest their government's negligence of environmental protection...!  

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