Sunday, November 11, 2012

GNH: My perspective.....!

GNH is on the way, although is yet to reach there....
I have just realized that our country is not a GNH country. But a country aspiring for GNH and that who promotes GNH to be the vision of our world.

Is Bhutan a GNH country? Are all Bhutanese happy? if these are the questions to qualify a country to be called GNH country. GNH is just born, a visionary birth has happened but it is yet to realize.

This would rely on individuals living in Bhutan, the individuals leading the country and its developmental progress.

Only if at lest most of the people of this country is satisfied and happy then can it be called GNH country. There fore Bhutan is not a GNH country but a GNH aspiring country. 

But for having introduced this GNH vision to world and since it aspires to realize this GNH philosophy at home, why not can it be called a GNH country. But calling so mistakes people for having realized this. 

If I am asked, whither I am happy being in GNH country, I would rather justify that Bhutan is not a GNH country, because the GNH is yet to realize. Yet of course I would say I am happy, because  I am in a country that respects happiness, aspires to be happy and tries to promote the happiness in rest of the world.

People here questions authorities if there are policies and practices that are not in line with the philosophy of GNH. People raise voices and talks development keeping in mind the basis of GNH.

Leaders talk GNH and ensure that the policies will be in line with GNH, and that itself makes well and good enough for rest of the people to watch how the government and authorities work. Because if thing are not so, we can and have the right to disown such a government and authorities. We strive for GNH.

Like having given a birth to a child doesn't become a son for a father and daughter for a mother, GNH needs to be nurtured, built and should be realized, that would take the effort of each of us the country men.

Any one who does things outside the principles of GNH should be pointed, charged and voiced. This itself is the process of pushing the GNH forward as a citizen and a human.

Yes whither one agree or not, it is the reality that the 'GNH is Bhutanese' as honorable prime minister said. If we as an individual citizen of the country that gave birth to GNH fails to live by the GNH principles, we fail GNH and our country as a whole.

GNH is on the way, although it is yet to reach there, but we as a country who introduced and as the  people for world and those all who wish for happiness should push and pull together to reach the destination of realizing the GNH, individually and as a society.

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