Monday, October 8, 2012


Glister of sun rays dwelling on to the fading autumn earth. Peoples are at their usual routine and everything is alright.

Cars running up and down for one or other reasons and every kitchen in the house holds with their gas stoves burning busy, preparing the morning breakfast.

Things are all running normal, but nobody is aware of what is happening? No body was at realization that we are officially an independent country but by status totally dependent.

Until the few days back- when fuel stations are bogged down with vehicles lined up, creating horrific traffic jam and people lining up with gas cylinders since the early morning and many having to return without one- some realizes how dependent we are?

Few are talking of need to check for recourse into our foreign relation policy and possible look for opening the northern boarder. But many still don not support.

But looking at one way relation, Bhutan isn't at a comfort level that anything from Bhutan's economic security and national security rests on that one way relation.

Assume that our great brother India is in a problem. Bhutan by default will be in a problem too while it might not be the same. Bhutan can not even avoid few days strike in Indian boarder towns from hampering its daily run.

In that few days last week, while public may be at squirrel, it also reminds us that we need to look for alternatives.

We might not have to open our northern boarder if we think is not a right move, but we at least need pipe links with a nearest oil distribution set up till the Southern town to avoid such problems. And find other ways to stop letting problems in our neighbor country to be ours, but to built ourselves to be their reliable friend to help at their troubled times instead.

Are we to rise only if our neighbor raises and are we ready to fall if our neighbor falls? As a true friend, one should raise to help each other in terms of other's failure, I believe.

As a trues friend, our great brother India should also support alternatives for Bhutan so that India have its trues friend at right track to empower its muscles. Because if Bhutan is well off, India will not have to lose but gain........!

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