Friday, February 10, 2012

Piped water is safe drinking?

The pics speaks clear: The leaked pipes at Changzamtok,
Thimphu running down for some buildings blow..
Generally what we think is that a piped water is safe for drinking. Do we confirm that…?
Is it as safe as we think that water is safely reaching your home through the pipe that connects your home till the source?

But pipe line for water distribution does not look as safe as we may think. Broken leaked pipes that run through drains of dirty water would not convince the safety that we think. safe drinking water is one of the millennium development goals to achieve by 2015.
Our government claims to have achieved 83 percent access to safe drinking water but this leaks in pipes, tied by rubbers that run through dirty drain water does not look as good as we may want to be.
Such leaked pipes for those settled at lower elevations are seen even in Capital town of Thimphu. This makes me feel that the 83 percent claimed can be a mix of such leaked and cracked pipes and water tanks open to filth? Is it 83 percent safe drinking water……?
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