Friday, February 3, 2012

Its odd up on odd..:(

I was on the way to Gelyong Tshokhang (The national assembly hall). Driving, through the serene winter breeze by the side of Thimpchu(wangchu) river. What would have been the volume of the river some decade ago, when I was not born, people would have been using it for drinking? The volume has obviously shrunken from what once it was some elders say and does any one use it to drink?

That is one thing, and the other is, water experts with National Environment Commission(NEC) say that the pollution of Thimphu-chu river is higher than that of any other rivers in the country. Though the rate of pollution is not alarming the trend is that it is increasing.

What is causing it? An attitude is something to do with this.
AS i drive, before me is an Alto Taxi, in it was a pack of passengers, and there one of them flung off a 'litchi juice pet bottle' out of the car's window just without a thought. I honked thinking it might send the massage, I could see the driver wondering why, as he looks in his mirror to figure it out. It was not him but those at the back seat. Yet astonishing, I see another pet bottle flying out the window.

This is an attitude that we need to change. be responsible for we survive by the environment. our element of survival, the oxygen, water, foods and even the money we deem it as from what ever business we do is just a bestow of the nature and its environment.

Rivers obviously have branch streams that join the mother body to lead them far end of the ocean pool and help the water world a component of natural world. And it is obvious too that the branch streams run from up slopes down till they can join the main river and there are as one can see, so called development is happening all around those up streams.

Whole world is as one can witness, struggling with waste problem and so is in Bhutan too, especially Thimphu with speeding urbanization.

Garbages, pet bottles and all sort of wastes are visible in all the streams that runs with in the Thimphu town and all joins the Thim-chu. Records of NEC show that the total nitrogen and total phosphorous content in the river is increasing as the rivers move further down, because down the rive moves, more of filthy streams join. That means, a 'filthy society' is living the up streams just like the one I saw in the taxi.
Can we change this attitude, drink what it is in, eat what ever is in and so why can't we keep the waste and at lest deposit in the right place....

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