Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The spring joy......pictorial tour..!

This may be joyous picture today but may not be tomorrow... so enjoy!

Ah! the atmosphere is changing around the small cottage I live in. often the spring shower, feeding the pristine forest around I see.

 Green grasses popping their heads out from the yellow dry dust.

The peach tree near the cottage is the charm of the surrounding every this season. 

Its leave less branches and twigs are holding new fresh buds opening up for the majestic bloom of its joy.

While the birds singing, and why would they not, because the surrounding is in the mood of merry, its time for all joy, for a lover of mother nature.

This is the season that feeds the whole world. The fruits and the roots that farmers export begin here and if one can realize, it conveys a massage that nature is the mother of all that feeds you. 

It indeed is the source of economic wealth we human enjoy but what do we do to the mother nature?

Here every one gets busy. Farmers prepare their farm land for next cultivation and at the same time even the wildest animals and birds are busy looking for home to expect their off springs.

These willows trees and the peach trees in and around the Thimphu town give the city a majestic look. 

They are the beauty of a community, and it is certainly a moment for the honey bees to work on it. Their work of pollination would bring money for us the greedy humans. Their work  puts in place the pollen at a right place to make these trees bear fruits so that we can sell for money. 

it does not stop here, even the honey they produce from suckling the flowers with their tiniest mouths became an income for the human greed. Arn't we having enough from the mother nature.

But what do we give, we buy cars, burn fossil fuels, cut down the trees, dump waste in the river and we are still proud....My god... we are such a human...!

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