Monday, May 28, 2012

Traditional conservation can it be for economic boom..?

Loss of traditional structures an economic disaster in making, Dont you think so?

The Rupee crunch in shooting, I think is because of the adaption of modern culture into our housing and construction boom, mainly the housing to be precise.
 If this is not all the one, I believe it is the one of the main cause.
How many aspects of imports does it accompany, the labour import and the materials of different kind that contributes to unemployment and slashing the local products and local traditional structures.

Had we been in our own nation sticked to our own traditional ways but with revolution ofcourse, it would not have been such a economic disaster in making.

Take an example of construction in Bumthang Dzognkha for instance, only imported materials they use in their construction of building is materials for toilet and electricity yet there are such a magnificent traditional structures standing unique suiting the Bhutanese way.

And on the other hand, those builders are the locals who are mostly engaged from eastern parts of the country, some even as young as in their early 20's assisting the elder zows while picking up the skills from them. Providing income for the locals as well as providing opportunity for younger's an opportunity and limiting the outflow of the money we have.

Isn't it in the best interest of Bhutan's economic self reliance?

And who started the borrowed modern structures of buildings that led to such a massive outflow of money. The Big bosses, who did not care the Big bosses, the bureaucrats. Because they are the most authoritative figures until the recent democracy.

One may argue in the changing this would have been needed, but Bumthang is changing with in our own traditional ways, with traditional structures that did not need much rupee to be spent and so why cant any other be the same.

Bumthang also have adopted not to allow any untraditional structures, shall move with the same and authorities and need be a legal back up also should be provided. I Think a legal back need to be in place because a company or an individuals like the Aman, that have succeeded in placing a totally untraditional structures needs to be taken care.

Such a simple policy couldn't it be so positive for our economic drive while it also serve well in the best interest of traditional conservation. Using just the Stone, Wood and cement that we have from within, but with out lots of metals that needs Indian labours to work on.

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