Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Democracy: Nation secondary to number?

Is democracy all about ignoring the reality and going by Number? Where will we reach if we just rode on number?

Democracy could have been a mode to reach a position to create a better country and serve a nation so that people can leave a legacy of their own.

But what do we see across the world and what do we experience in our own countries. It is really a democracy by the "people for the people."

Democracy  in my silly sense is found to be analogous to having said to be a monkey among monkeys and thieves among the thieves.

Because it is all about the number rather than rational reality and wholesome intend. One may not have a choice but to vote alongside the thieves in a constituency of thieves and be one of them in a democracy. Even if you vote the other way, one has to live by their rules under its domination.