Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Democracy: Nation secondary to number?

Is democracy all about ignoring the reality and going by Number? Where will we reach if we just rode on number?

Democracy could have been a mode to reach a position to create a better country and serve a nation so that people can leave a legacy of their own.

But what do we see across the world and what do we experience in our own countries. It is really a democracy by the "people for the people."

Democracy  in my silly sense is found to be analogous to having said to be a monkey among monkeys and thieves among the thieves.

Because it is all about the number rather than rational reality and wholesome intend. One may not have a choice but to vote alongside the thieves in a constituency of thieves and be one of them in a democracy. Even if you vote the other way, one has to live by their rules under its domination. 
Since it is about number and not at all about what is needed, the democracy so defeats the old phrases such as the truth shall win.  This notifies the general population that one should start thinking of numbers rather than the truths and needs. And I am sure politicians do talk of numbers rather than what needs to be done at the time of elections but of course they pretend to be taking needs as they stand by the podium.   

Well, we can not blame the political contestant for that because it is the system that demands that way. Because only keeping in mind the numbers, the politicians do make a move to contest. In this sense, nation in a democratic set up is evidently a secondary to the number play.

We suffer so much of consumerist, environmentally destructive and unsustainable living standards and many of civil wars across the globe. Arab world is messed into civil wars. Western and European worlds are being targeted for various reasons of hatred and is filled with unhappy citizen rising against a government. Some are even reported to be joining terrorist groups.

Democracy is seemingly the cause for all these, if not democracy in itself; an abused democracy is for sure. In the process, we blame our leaders for not doing the right thing or not taking the right action or doing something vested or not of national interest.

Did we ask how they got there? Who put them there?
It is without a debate the number that put them there. Why did number get them there? It is our choice; we favored the number system of the democracy. 

World pronounces the democracy as the best practice, but is it really proving it? Don’t the opportunists often walk democracy as their road to individual fulfillments?  Why is bribing, partisan, and division the part of democracy? I believe it is because of the system of Number.

 I would rather join those few flocks that would laugh at people who would come begging for vote to become your ruler. It is laughable that people come with so many offers in words to grasp the opportunity to power and less of the benevolence at heart. I rather often lose myself into the thinking; "can it be so genuine at heart at all in people who can shamelessly beg and ask you to make them your ruler."

Democracy in so is rather more of a platform for power hungry ghosts than for compassionate nation builders much when its core value is number. Do you feel for your country and want to serve the tsawa sum? There is many ways to do so. 

I would rather believe in a ruler entrusted by people who’s ability and its devotion to the country and the people is trusted by mass with out having to beg for votes but proven among the mass.  Like we have our monarchy entrusted and voted as the ruler without having to bribe, without having to divide but rather uniting. In recent times, just after the introduction of democracy, did we see division after 100 years of great efforts put into uniting the country into one?

In this sense, is democracy a real savior of the world or do we need to reshape the system of democracy to channel the world to the right direction? Or do we need to rethink the democracy and look for an alternative for good?

Although democracy is so fancy and seemingly best as many of the world pronounce, my little knowledge of about nine years of the democratic set up in my small kingdom gives me no better feeling but so much of apprehension and many a questions to consider democracy the best system of governance.

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