Thursday, August 21, 2014

It is not the way you think, it is not the way of Buddhism

Gender discrimination if not Buddhism
When the Buddhist philosophers at some point describes male as the superior by birth and female as inferior, in current mindset it is wrongly taken in the lines of gender discrimination. 

I would like to argue that this does not at all relate to any thing near to the issue of gender discrimination. Buddhism is based on equal rights for all sentient beings. It does not discriminate. If it does, it distinguishes all that exist into four noble truths, so that it is clearer for any one who wishes a proper choice.   

It is therefore, when it talks about difference of birth hierarchy, it is a comparison of the doors of suffering that distinguishes which gender by birth is more susceptible to suffering.

By birth the female body comes with more doors of suffering then the male counter parts and for this reason it was described as inferior by birth. When it says females are inferior by birth it does not at all mean women are bad and men are good. It does not mean men are god and women are evil. It just tells you that female is more susceptible to suffering then men by birth, period.

Again when we say female is inferior by birth it does not mean women in the world are inferior. After birth follows the ways of growing. In the process of growth, some men may become more susceptible to suffering then some of the women and vis-versa. 

If women achieve to close all the doors of suffering then men in the process of their growth, women surpass the men and therefore that women who was by birth born inferior would live superior and die superior. Just because by birth women are more susceptible to birth doesn’t bar women from advancing ahead of men. Therefore it does not at all discriminate.

When female is described as inferior by birth  (Kewa Menpa), it does not at all discriminated female in any ways. It is a piece of information for those who wish to pursue a path to liberation. Because to liberate we have to first recognise the doors of suffering, the source of suffering and than should we know how to close those doors of suffering to liberate ourselves.

This description was used while explaining to identify elements of suffering in men and women, it was found that by birth female body is accompanied by more elements susceptible to suffering then men. This is a part of the truth of suffering. It identifies the elements that are potential to be the woes of your own. It more of relates to the bodily elements that are more potential to taking you nearer to suffering.

Therefore, it is all about getting right information where the Buddhist system of teaching focusses on. The right information on what are the elements that surrounds you from liberation and tells you about what are the things that you have to be mindful of. 

In this way while analysing on what accompanies a body at birth, it is found female body is accompanied by more elements that may be of potential to suffering compared to male. And for this comparison it was described as superior and inferior by birth. 

When it says Kewa Menpa, it means by birth. When it says by birth, it  mean there are some difference in bodily elements. But difference in human does not limit to what is there when you are born. 

This piece of information which is rich of values, if we are mistaking on the lines of rights and discrimination we are no where near the teaching of the Buddha.

It is all about difference in male and female but nothing discriminative.....! 

Note: This is an opinion in response to a Facebook friend’s questions in an attempt to clear her doubts. Hope it may be of some help in her quest to finding the truth...!

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