Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My essay: News and journalism in new platform

Introduction: The entry of social Media into journalistic use 

Pic from: social mediaclub
Since the first e-mail is delivered in 1971 public interest on online media never took a halt making it the most used platform that shaped the world and the way of living.

Public interest and the way of their engagement through these media platforms ignited the outburst of news media into various forms of journalism that had to be defined as public engaged in news through new platforms.

They became a plate form for voice, network for the flow of information, a medium that provides opportunity and a tool that can be further explored where the traditional journalism and news media had to take note of. It is also often abused.  

As people’s engagement in social media drove as many changes in social life, the news media and their priorities were also forced to divert from its traditional standards.