Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our middle men, do you have a strong one...!

The clock is politicking, eyes and ears are every where to point a finger at one another.

But as a bhutanese citizen, in such a time of politicking era, people and their just and fair knowledge on politicking movements are crucial for a democracy to serve the way it should.

Otherwise, the democracy would serve more on one side for the vested interest of those who wish to be in power.

For elections, only if these parties as they say would run for a purpose not only to win, the parties are bound to play with numbers. And if so is happening, only few most populated Dzongkhags would be the focus of the political parties and those forming government.

One of the NC aspirants told me that this is why national council should be strong enough to safe guard the constitutional adherence.

Else a government's funds would run mostly into those populated dzgonkhags like, Mongar, Tashigang, Pemagatsel and Samtse from where a party will be at an easy position to win any elections since the total of voter from these Dzgonkhag would make a good number to place them in power.

So far such has not happened but when the politicking gets bitter and tempting, this can not be ruled out. To get this rooted out, some say it is the national council that should be strong enough and should play an important role in protecting from such mishaps.

Opposition party who ever it may be can also make compromises and is expected to do so since it is a political party that will have its own political agendas but national council as it should and with that recognition shall play as an apolitical and avoid politics.

Some say national council at time played like another political party by itself in the past, how ever some say council is mandated to play its own role as an independent institution. So it is up to the NC how to play its own game in taming the unjust political proceeds as far as it fulfills its mandate to keep the system under constitution.

But if NC gets massed up with its own politics, compromises are bound to happen that will weaken the strength of the reviewing body that should be up holding the very light of constitution.

Therefore, I ask you who is your NC candidate? Our councilors be the best of the best who are well equipped with wisdom and those with good intention.

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