Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Picking up from the poor.....!

Is there such a system called cost and benefit sharing in our country? If yes then in what ways? 

The recent move of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest on the people of Sakteng to cover their CGI sheets by wooden shingles is as opposed a wavering decision making the rural people hard to understand.

This actually is not a new concept, as one can see the chokhor toe villages with shingles on their roof with CGI sheet below if one has been there.

It was one for the good of environmental protection and one for tourist attraction the government claims but who is sharing the cost of rural hardship for that idea. The hurdles are bored by the people of rural, when the ultimate benefit is shared by the government and the tour operators in Thimphu.

After taking all sort of hardship following the direction and instructions from the Gyelsa Tewa (capital), and the dashos and sirs, tourists visit to enjoy what these rurals sweat to keep that glory for which benefit is dropped into the pockets of the tour operators who bring in the tourists with some tariffs offered to the government. What does the locals get?

May be to do the cleaning for what is left from camping or may be another work to dig some flat area for camp site from where they earn few wages that does nothing much to good. Our farmers and rural people strive on livestock and agriculture ro make their live and these are the area where farmers are interested in.

Why can't government come up with some benefit and cost sharing program. Make those rich tour operators who are benefiting from their majestic environment and culture that these rurals have preserved to shove some of their earning help those rural to preserve what it benefits all stake holders. Why is it just left for the rural society alone.

While locals can work under the government's direction for any such touristic plans, in exchange provide them with the most high breed cows to milk and they can probably grow on to construct a big cafeteria of their own to benefit the tourism and improve their home stay facilities that the government encourage. 

Tourists come for majestic environment and the undisturbed culture, government claims of having preserved but who actually preserved? No! not by any of the tour operators or the government unless the locals them selves have cherished their surrounding and the culture in their locals. In fact rural poors strive to keep their surrounding majestic and culture well preserved.

Government talks of improving livestock, and in action does crossbreeding. Government talks of livestock and agriculture development to benefit farmers, but instead government owns the high breed farms and imports vegetables. why not provide jersey and brown swiss cows to those farmers at a subsidized rate and let them work for the developmental cause. why not introduce and provide them with subsidized modern facilities for agriculture farming if government really thinks of improving the livestock and agriculture farming in rural valleys.

While farmers live by livestock and agriculture, they are forced to do things that benefits less to them. In fact, government is making rural people do things that can make people in Thimphu rich and not the people in rural places.......! Its rather encouraging rural to urban migration, I thought....!

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